Reflection and Celebration

I am 41, going on 12 – essentially. Tomorrow, I become the number for Life, the Universe and Everything for an entire year. Gon’ work me somma dat mojo to get the most out of the number as I can wring out of it.

As it is, I’m pretty much celebrating turning 42. My fourties have been both productive and interesting so far. I put out my first book. (FINALLY!) I started to embark on a documentary, even got a bunch of stuff filmed, but am putting the project on hold to do other things. The topic was something that I ended up getting a little too scattered about in my own mind and I’m re-evaluating a whole bunch of ‘life stuff’, which is pretty much what I guess you’re supposed to do when you start kickin’ around the fourties.

In a way, I’m both discovering and rediscovering who I am – figuring out that large parts of me are who I’ve been all along; parts that I tried to leave along the wayside but ended up needing. I left them behind with the honest intention of finding out if I was really that person. Come to find out – yep. I am. So I’m going with it – and am MUCH happer because of it. Screw the squares that are uncomfortable with it.

Ah, reintegration. It can be a joyful path of self-discovery, or it can be a harsh mistress that slaps the hell out of you when you ask for nothing more than a glass of water.

It’s all part of the ride, part of the journey.

This has been a rough, bitch of a year for a lot of people. I’ve lost my mother/best friend and two friends already, and I know there are many out there who have had a similar go of it. It is my fondest wish that you all find that nugget of happy, of inner peace inside you – and that you run with it ’til the wheels fall off.

I earnestly wish that my birthday announces a year of prosperity, love, happiness, productivity and complete goofiness – and I wish this same thing for you all.

Thank you for being friends, family and fans. You help make life awesome.

Much love.

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