A little about your host

Years ago, back when people were geekfully patting themselves on the back at getting a FIDOnet account (I wasn’t even that aware back then.) – when the rest of the world was still ‘in the dark’ (IE: No internets/webs/cameravidphones) – I started working at conventions in the Washington, D.C. area.

I went by the nickname of Rogue back then.

It was a time of BBSes – and for me, that was the pinnacle of online communications. It was my first introduction to computer communication. Ah, 2400 baud. I remember it well. Thank god we’re past that. I started working for an organization known as FanTek, doing tech for CastleCon and EveCon. Bruce and Cheryl Evry were wonderful to me, as was most of the rest of the people affiliated with working the cons. It was another one of those moments where I found ‘my people’ – just in a different way. I met supremely awesome people that have stayed friends with me for over twenty years through FanTek, and for that I will always be profoundly grateful. Fandom was a large part of my life for many years – it still is on and off, although I stopped doing tech for cons around KatsuCon 5 or 6, I think.

I still attend cons, even though the ‘heyday’ of the almost wolfpack feeling of everybody that you really loved gathering in one hotel for a long weekend of debauchery, cosplaying/masqueradeing and dealer’s room looting seem far away. I get to see people I haven’t seen in awhile, but because of the internet they don’t seem as far away anymore. It’s a different feeling – but still nice.

I’m a geek. And a nerd. And a member of Fandom. It is as much a part of who I am as still rockin’ the punk thing and being a fairly active spiritual/shamanic type person. I work in the IT field, doing installs of T1′s, T3′s and FE circuits. Been in the industry for what seems like forever and I’m workin’ my entire career backwards. I started in a NOC, then after getting laid off went to CST for another company, then moved to Service Delivery, and now I’m in Provisioning. I figure if I go back much farther, I’ll be crawling up into a womb consisting entirely of ones and zeroes. Still – it’s worked for me so far. Someday, perhaps, I will be able to parley this collection of skills into BIG MONEY. Who knows?

Now, I can add Author to the list. It’s wierd. I don’t even really think of myself as an author because I currently only have one book out and I don’t do it full time. And, did I mention that I tend to be harder on myself than on anybody else around me?

I really do want to thank all of you who have chosen to read my book and to fan me on Facebook. Without your support, I’d have a box of books sitting in a corner somewhere, gathering dust. I’m pleased that people like the story and the characters, and although it seems like I’m goofing off a great deal more than I should (I do have two more books to attend to in the series, at least), rest assured that I’m doing what I can to kickstart the Firehose of Creativity.

Have an awesome weekend, guys.

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