Monthly Archives: July 2009

“Hey, sexy mama…wanna kill all humans?”

I didn’t start out wanting to be a writer.

It’s important that this is known. I always wanted to sing and write music, but it never really seemed to click in my head and stay the way writing did.

I’ve never taken a writing class, never really chased after the dream of writing for a living – in fact, I’m a highschool dropout that ended up getting my GED, then my High School Diploma so that I could go into the Marine Corps. That didn’t really work out either, but it was an invaluable experience that taught me exactly how much I could put up with at the time.

Throughout my teens, I wrote fairly emo, explorative poetry – none of which I’ve kept track of. I can’t really say whether this is for the best or not. I don’t remember much of what was written back then. I was always a lonely kid – didn’t have many friends to speak of, so I ended up making a lot of my own fun. This can end up being either good or bad, depending on the situation and the people around me.

I started writing this first book towards the end of 1999, but I didn’t really know that I was writing a book at the time. I wanted to create characters and a storyline of sorts just to see where I could go from there. Having started playing Dungeons and Dragons at an early age, I was more familiar with creating characters than anything else, so I picked a scenario that interested me, crafted the characters and the tale just went from there.

Where they ended up, and what they did while getting there surprised the hell out of me at times. I’d direct them one way, and they’d run off in another that I hadn’t even anticipated on, so I’d kinda build around it.

This being said, the imaginary voices of the characters that live in my head are immensely happy that their story is finally being told, and read.

Welcome to their world.