POEM: Beyond the Sea

There is a place beyond the sea
Where I stand, waiting for you
My heart grows weary
From the journey
To the edge of the world

I often see
The ghost of your face
Feel the touch
Of a hand, a body
Only to turn and see
Only air

I call to you
Casting my heart
To the winds
Out to fate’s
Crushing grip
Where it sends out
A beacon of remembrance

I find myself wondering
Is this same thing in you also?
Do you yearn for my touch
Soft words that come
So rarely to my lips?
Do you burn as I do?

Do you see me? Hear me?

With a bright
Flare of soulsong
I send this rhythm to you
The beat of my heart
As it waits for another
To capture the harmony
Of true love realized

If the winds chance
To bring this to you
And it touches your soul
Track me.
Find me.

I wait for you still.
I think I always will.

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