Monthly Archives: February 2006

Ah – single on Valentine’s day. What to do?

I think maybe I’ll wine and dine my right hand, give it a rest on the heavy lifting and typing after I get off work. Maybe buy it a nice glove. Perhaps I should get a manicure, just to let it know that I still care, that it’s always in my thoughts.

I’ve always had the best of times with my hand. Cookin’ up a batch of chinese food. Slapping people that need slappin’. Entering the code for the alarm in my apartment when I come home. Jabbing my finger down on the select button to let my favorite movie/tv show play. Yes, it’s all been a whirlwind romance – one that’s lasted for over 38 years. And now, even when it’s starting to show the first signs of aging and prunes up almost immediately when I keep it immersed in water – I still love it as much as I did that first moment when I clutched at the air and took my first breath.

I’m gonna show my hand a good time tonight, get it all liquored up so it’s nice and pliable. Then – when the lights are low, and the mood is just right, I’m going to get up to activites that’ll keep my fingers permanently clawed for the next twelve hours. Ah, there we go.

Happy Valentine’s Day, kids.