Trip to Columbia (cont…)

We´re still at the beach in Santa Marta, and it´s gorgeous here – although hot and humid. Naturally, I´m having a hard time with the heat, but still getting out and swimming in the ocean and getting sunburned. The burn happened two days ago and feels/looks much better now. Lots has happened, and I´ve been documenting it all in a little journal which I´ll elaborate on when I get home and have time to put it all together. I´m getting the pictures from one of the cameras developed today, and I´m filling the other one up with images. Soon, I´ll have to break out the third instacamera. Things are VERY cheap here, and when you go to sit on the beach there are lots of people that are carrying little ovens or stoves with food that they cook for you while you watch the waves come in – as well as coolers full of soda or beer. Women walk the beach asking if you want massages or if you want your hair done. People also walk around selling all kinds of clothes, sunglasses, etc. It´s the ultimate in convenience, and service is brilliant. You really can´t beat being served freshly cooked fish on a table and chairs brought to you on the beach. We ate while we watched the sunset.

Also, every night there are really dynamic, beautiful heat lightning shows. It either flickers through the backdrop of clouds, or sends wicked looking jittery fingers across the sky in what looks like chain lighting. It´s like fireworks, only better.

On monday, I got my hair braided with blue and clear beads at the ends, which I´m not used to but it keeps me from having to fuss with the hair every day. They´re kind of a pain to sleep on, though.

My spanish is getting better, and I´m getting better at navigating my way around so I´ve been doing a little walking. Yesterday I rented a jetski for $11.50 for fifteen minutes. Padrino asked if I wanted to rent a motorcycle, and I told him that I´d be more comfortable wrecking in the ocean than on the pavement, and he agreed. I´ve been learning a lot about the history of Columbia and my madrina´s family, as well as being urged to go see the tiburon Maricón (gay shark) in Cancun by Padrino. Apparently, he´s a very docile shark and you can get right in the water with him and pet him. I´m intrigued, and want to go check it out.

Well, that´s about it for updates at the moment. I´ll get on later throughout the next week and a half to continue to let everybody know that I´m doing ok. I miss everybody lots, but I´ll have lots of pictures and stories to bring back.


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