Trip to Columbia – day 2/3

Yesterday, we headed out of the city to the coastline to visit a really beautiful lagoonside restaurant that served awesome fish soup and main courses. There was a sandbar about a hundred yards out from the restaurant, where lots of little huts sat along the bar. People would drive cars and motorbikes along the sandbar, and you could watch the ocean pound against it while little white birds plucked fish out of the lagoon towards us. While there, we ended up meeting several santera/os that happened to come by for dinner, and we all formed a huge dinner table and I listened to everybody talk about the religion throughout the night. That´s another thing I love about this place. People will join you in a heartbeat and start these really great conversations, as if you´re long lost friends that haven´t seen each other in years. I understood some of what was being said, and madrina helped to translate some of it, but after a while I think my brain tired of trying to translate because I started nodding off at the table.

One of the women at the table smiled at me and suggested that I should sleep in one of the many hammocks throughout the restaurant, so I did. I pretty much passed out with a belly full of delicious fish, then woke up later when the sun had gone down, covered by mosquito bites. Apparently, I´m very tasty.

Today, we´re going to Santa Marta to go swim in the ocean, and will likely stay there for a couple of days. I don´t know if they have internet access where we´re going to be staying, so I won´t be able to update until I get back to the hotel here in Barranquilla.

Along the coast, the ocean along with the backdrop of the mountains is breathtaking. I haven´t taken any pictures yet – I´ve only got three cameras with 27 exposures each, so I´m waiting to take the pictures. I´ll put them online when I get back.

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