Trip to Colombia – day 1

We´ve arrived at Hotel Royal in Barranquilla, and the first thing that stands out is all of the public transit buses.

They all totally look like Luche Libre wrestlers. They´re all so colorful, but everybody here drives like they´re insane. People constantly run red lights, and avoid the fact that there are actual lines on the road delineating where you´re supposed to go. Also, there are tons of motorcycles, dirt bikes and scooters on the highway darting in between enormous trucks and buses. It´s horrifying, yet fascinating at the same time. So many people wearing shorts, t-shirts and no helmets riding at breakneck speed that I think my head´s going to explode.

It´s zany.

The people here are amazing. When somebody falls down or needs help, almost everybody around gathers to help out – and everybody´s very friendly and solicitous. The hotel that we´re staying in has internet access, so I thought I´d get on and let everybody know that I got to Colombia safely. I´ll make online updates as much as possible. Tomorrow, I think we´re going to the beach at Barranquila, then we´re going to Cartagena, Santa Marta and a bunch of other places throughout the week.

November 2nd is Dia de Los Muertos, and apparently everybody in the city goes to the cemetaries all night long to light candles and talk to their loved ones. I´m really looking forward to it. It should be really powerful.

Oh, and the news channels are all talking about hurricane Beta, but it´s not going to hit here, so fear not. And even if it does, I´ve brought enough toilet paper and baby wipes to populate the entire country.

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