Childhood heroes – everybody had one. The biggest one I remember?

Wonder Woman.

She was beautiful, capable, intelligent, and – best of all she was fucking BUXOM. She was not another one of those women who looked like two oranges on a toothpick. Linda Carter had CURVES and wasn’t afraid to show them. I loved her character, her storyline, her amazing eyes and the little spinny thing she’d do before she transformed into Wonder Woman.

I’ve likely posted about this before, but since I’ve forgotten about that I’m going to repeat what would constitute an embarrasing ‘childhood moment’ for most. I remember collecting socks, shorts and other clothing items and heading out to the front yard. I’d hold the clothing tightly to my chest while I spun around, tossing out a sock here, a shirt there – pretending to transform into Wonder Woman. I always ended up dizzy and in the same clothes I started out in, but it was great fun nonetheless.

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