Daily Archives: September 20, 2005

I’ve been having bizarre dreams lately.

The other night, I dreamed that – for whatever reason, I was fussing with these little teeny round silver magnets in bed. I don’t remember what the hell I could possibly be doing with them, but I remember waking up, in the dream, with bits of my sheets stuck together with these little magnets. I searched for them, but alas was unable to find them all.

Recently I dreamed about meeting a guy that I’d been talking to, and this wierd construct of him, ‘the good ex’ and somebody else showed up. We were going to meet in a really posh hotel, and I remember being on my celphone in the lobby as he called. I was surrounded by yuppies in suits as he zoomed by on a bike, his phone to his ear as he told me that he’d just arrived. I said, “Oh, yeah – I can see you now.”

He turns to see me in the lobby and grins. “I’ll be right there.” He says before wheeling around a corner and crashing headfirst into the back of a garbage truck. Very slick. He quickly rights himself, brushing himself off and looking over at the hotel. (did I mention that most of the activity in my dreams happens in cartoonish fashion? Nobody ever seems to get really hurt in these kinds of dreams.) Everybody – and I do mean everybody, in the lobby starts applauding. He looks utterly embarrassed, and I, of course, being the dork that I am – thinks that this is the most adorably hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

I have a penchant for being attracted to clumsy dorks who make me laugh.

He comes inside, and people start congratulating him. He quickly makes his way to my side, grabs my hand and pulls me towards the elevators, saying, “My god, I can’t believe you saw that.”

I reassure him that I’ve been witness to worse, and we both laugh as the elevator goes up to the penthouse.

(I’ve been in a penthouse once. Me and my brother were at the beach as kids, and I remember knocking on someone’s door, asking to see their penthouse because I’d never seen one before – or something like that. It was really swank. They had a huge marine aquarium and everything.)

This one is really posh, and I’m startled that he can afford it. I’m used to being the ‘moneymaker’ in all of my relationships, and this is a nice twist. It is at this point that I woke up, but I’m not sure what the trigger for the wakeup was.