Daily Archives: September 2, 2005

There’s something very majestic and magical about going through well walked paths through the woods in the middle of the night, and seeing clusters of candlelight in various campsites. It’s very…romantic, in many ways.

I love ‘mood’ camping, as I refer to it – IE: the kind of camping that one engages in when you set up a tent full of plush, comfy furniture, lots of little tealights in varying colors of glass containers, and multicolored rugs and fabrics. I’m a nomad at heart, I think, and I’ve always been overly fond of Opium Den sheik. I love the idea of living in the woods, and being able to actually *see* the stars in the night sky. Last night, I was actually able to see the Milky Way for the first time in years.

Living in the city, the skies are always a sickly pink throughout the night. I forget that we have stars in the night sky unless I can actually see them. At Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary in the hills of Pennsylvania, the air was crisp and chilled, and I was with friends and family celebrating and singing to those who have passed on – remembering those whose shoulders I stand on in this life. It was a renewal, and a reassuring affirmation that life is going as it should – even when things don’t seem to be going all that well.

It was good to see all of those in attendance last night. May your ancestors raise you up and bring you reassurance and love throughout your life, as you elevate them beyond the veil.

Maferefun Egun.