Fun with Profiles

People ask my why I don’t just stop announcing my Yahoo! profile to the public.

Truly skin crawly conversations and stories like this are an example. Today, I get this innocuous IM from a woman who claimed to be from Texas. She seemed nice enough, so I went ahead and start talking to her. I’ll refer to her throughout the IM conversation as [TXOccultFetishist], since that’s pretty much what she came off as when I figured out what was going on.

She started off by asking me about Erotic horror, and then asked if it ‘fit in’ with my interest in Voodoo. I explained the difference in connection for me between the two, and she sounded dissappointed, stating that she was getting this ‘evil idea LOL’. I did my best to explain the spiritual aspect of the path to her, and after hearing this, she sends:

[TXOccultFetishist]: Would it be too forward to tell you the erotic horror idea I had?
ninjac00t3r: please do. – (thinking that she actually had one, I figured why not?)
[TXOccultFetishist]: I’m imagining a Voodoo priestess taking mental control of me…. transforming me from a Jewish housewife into a Voodoo practitioner….. dressing me in the ritual clothing…. even taking my expensive jewelry from me as an offering

Uh…What? It took me a minute as my mind boggled before I answered:

ninjac00t3r: it sounds more like a fetishist fantasy more than erotic horror

Hoping that she was going for an honest story idea – something that might be strangely humorous, I told her that there were writers in the industry that came up with stories that ran along these kinds of lines. She mentioned having an ‘occult’ fetish, and I tried to work with her to figure out where that might come from – hoping that she was perhaps looking for insight of a sort.

Unfortunately, I was wrong:

[TXOccultFetishist]: Could I ask a favor?
ninjac00t3r: sure
[TXOccultFetishist]: If I sent you my pic, would you tell me what I’d be dressed in?

A momentary image/idea flashed through my head about a dominatrix Voodoo priestess, and I winced, almost slapping my forehead before I answered:

ninjac00t3r: this is something you should explore within the fetish scene, not with a spiritual priestess.

(RodSerling-on)A Jewish Texan housewife looking for a little ‘spice’ in her life who wants to be forcibly dressed up and forced to adhere to a certain religion.(RodSerling-off) I thought I’d heard it all, but then something like this comes along.

I almost pine for the mysterious german penis stranger at this point.

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