Daily Archives: April 8, 2005

Already, the day has been too long.

A german penis too long, to be specific.

To clarify – I usually get AIMs from people in Europe with the standard, “Ur hott – A/S/L?” crap. Usually, I just close the window and go on my merry way. This morning, I recieve an IM from a guy in germany, apparently, who has also brought it upon himself to ‘cam’ me – IE, send a cam ‘invite’. I’m at work, and the last time I checked, Trillian didn’t work with Yahoo! cam, so I go to close the notice out, after telling the guy that I don’t ‘cam’ or look at ‘cams’, especially at work.

I click on the little box at the right hand corner of the screen, and immediately the vivid image of a vibrating german boner pops into view.

Because Murphy’s law comes into full effect when these kinds of things happen, it of course locks my machine up for a minute or so while I click around the screen like a mad fiend in an attempt to dispell the image of said boner. After it’s gone, I’m positive that – for a moment, my heart has surely stopped.

Why, generic penis cam man in Germany – WHY?

I’m almost sure that I’ve never done anything to intimate that I ‘enjoyed’ such a thing as watching a strange man’s wobbly bits on grainy film over the internet. Was it a scare tactic? Something as innocent as, “BOO! Are you now aroused?”. Good grief.