Crematory operator Ray Brent Marsh dumped 334 bodies, scattering them around on the crematory property – in the woods and in buildings as well as cramming them into burial vaults and hiding them behind his own house. He then passed off cement dust as the bodily remains.

People are still wondering ‘why’ as the criminal case against him winds down. I have two theories:

1) Laziness.

2) Actually operating a crematorium costs money. I can imagine that for the criminal or sociopathic mind, an easy source of more income would be to do exactly what he did while pocketing the cash that relatives paid him for services that were most definitely not rendered.

(But then one of Marsh’s lawyers is ‘denying a financial motive’ – even though an investigation found that there wasn’t enough propane to run the crematory machine. This after Marsh had already been paid.

What with prices for individual cremation services running anywhere from $800 to over $4000, I’d say that’s a pretty big ‘financial motive’. Even at $800 a pop, that brings the total for all the bodies to $267,200. That’s about 66k a year, if the bodies came in regulary. Pretty decent chunk of change.)

3) Comedy ‘let’s see where can I hide the body today?’ option.

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